August 9, 2022

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Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP Useless? Does the Present Bear Market Spell the Starting of the Finish for Crypto?

Crypto Metaverse coins are some of the hottest projects on the market right now. Even...
Metaverse crypto coins

Crypto Metaverse coins are some of the hottest projects on the market right now. Even though the overall crypto market is trading sideways this week, we’ve seen many Metaverse crypto coins experience significant price gains. This article looks at the top three crypto Metaverse coins gaining the most price today, ordered by 24-hour growth, lowest to highest.

Meta Legends (METAL) +486%

Launched earlier today on January 18th, 2021, Meta Legends is a collection of NFTs built on the Binance Smart Chain, looking to create a complete ecosystem for its holders.

Meta Legends developed the Meta-Connect application that will connect community members. Users will be able to locate each other on the map, share NFTs, and get an estimate of their value. In addition, Meta Legends is looking to develop their Metaverse called Meta-Life.

Within their Metaverse, users will be able to stack cryptos, own property, items, and explore the Meta Legends Universe. Meta Legends does have a dApp that users can connect to via a browser wallet like MetaMask, and I highly recommend checking it out.

Even though Meta Legends just launched today, their BEP-20 token METAL had seen incredible price gains of over 492% in the past 24 hours. Its market cap is 91k with a  fully diluted market cap of $8.6 million. With a 24-hour trading volume of $445k, there’s a good amount of hype currently surrounding the project.

You can purchase METAL on PancakeSwap.

Meteor Remnant Essence (MRE) +636%

Launched on January 15th, 2022, MRE is the native token to the Knight War: The Holy Trio blockchain-based idle defense game. Knight War is an ARPG game with auto-combat mechanics. The project features a dual-token economy consisting of Meteor Remnant Essence (MRE) and Knight War Spirits (KWS).

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MRE tokens can be earned by playing the multiplayer and single-player modes of the game. KWS tokens can only be earned via special community events such as PvP tournaments, world boss hunts, and more.

While initially built on the Binance Smart Chain, the team will be moving to Polygon’s layer-2 solution as the game’s userbase grows.

The game revolves around users owning heroes who can be equipped with NFT weapons. Each weapon adds stats to the hero making it more powerful. The more powerful a hero you have the more tokens you can earn via in-game activities.

MRE has also one of the top gainers yesterday, gaining over 300% in price, it looks like this token received even more bullish momentum this morning as the price doubled yet again.

You can purchase MRE on PancakeSwap.

NinjaFloki (NJF) +827%

Launched in December 2021, NinjaFloki is known to have some insane charts and price gains. We last reported on Ninja Floki on January 13th when the price spiked by over 900%!

NinjaFloki is a Metaverse crypto coin built on the Binance Smart Chain. Its game is built with the Unity engine, which is one of the most popular options for Metaverse crypto projects these days.

The NinjaFloki game features a nostalgic 2D platformer with levels increasing in difficulty. The higher level a user reaches the more tokens they will be rewarded. I highly recommend checking out NinjaFloki as it’s been performing extremely well the past couple of weeks.

There is one catch with NinjaFloki. Currently, users can only purchase it on Finexbox, a HongKong based exchange. It’s not clear when the token will be available on PancakeSwap.

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Disclosure: This is not trading or investment advice. Always do your research before buying any crypto Metaverse coins.

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