August 19, 2022

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Are you still on the fence about moving to Eugene in Oregon? Eugene, Oregon, a...

Are you still on the fence about moving to Eugene in Oregon?

Eugene, Oregon, a pleasant metropolis that is also very accepting of diversity, is considered a balance between a closely integrated community and a suitable environment when raising a family.

But how much do I need to live comfortably in this area? Will I like the city? Are there houses for sale? If you want to know whether Eugene, Oregon, will suit your lifestyle or not, please keep on reading.


What is Eugene, Oregon Known For?

With the mountains surrounding the city and lush leafage in its forests, the city of Eugene earned its nickname of being called the Emerald City.

Eugene, Oregon, is a metropolitan with an official tagline, “A Great City for the Arts and Outdoors.” It is known to home the lengthy history of track sport, specifically at the Hayward Field of the University of Oregon.

Aside from being the heart and home of the sports track and field, Eugene is also the place where the Nike corporation had its origins.

Life in Eugene, Oregon

You might ask yourself, is Eugene, Oregon, an excellent place to live? Will I be able to enjoy its sceneries alongside other activities I will want to do? We got you covered.

In this place surrounded by breathtaking nature, forests, and running trails, Eugene, Oregon, offers many recreational activities. The city is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers, from kayaking, rafting, hiking, and fishing.

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Eugene is also only an hour away from the Oregon coast, where one can take a long walk on the beach and enjoy great food. An hour and a half from the beach and you will arrive at the Cascade mountains, where activities await depending on the current season.

Climate-wise, Eugene, Oregon’s weather appears to be perfectly temperate. The city boasts its fantastic fall destination, having a cool and crisp autumn balance. Fall in Eugene also includes the incredible changing leaf color that will undoubtedly brighten one’s mood.

Cost of Living in Eugene, Oregon

Like the atmosphere, safety, and community a place offers, another essential part of moving to Eugene, Oregon is its cost of living.

Eugene, Oregon cost of living appears to be relatively lower for the West Coast compared to Portland, though still higher compared to the Midwest or Southern part.

As high-priced professionals reside in this place, property taxes are pretty high. However, it is still relatively cheaper compared with Los Angeles.

To maintain one’s existing standard of living in Eugene, Oregon, one must earn around $1,738 monthly. With an approximate population of 177,000, Eugene is currently the 156th most prominent city in the United States.


University of Oregon

The city of Eugene is the motherland of the large, public research university that it takes its pride in, the University of Oregon, which is home to approximately 22,000 students.

Although the school is located in the city’s center, the campus is still blushing with green, surrounded by trees, overlooking the spectacular Willamette river running right through it.

Selling Points of the University of Oregon:

What makes this Eugene, Oregon university extraordinary? Well, the University of Oregon boasts about its ability to provide the resources needed to equip the students for practically any career path they choose.

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From its wide array of opportunities for students to choose from, the University of Oregon outranks the Oregon State University based on the yearly U.S. News & World Report rankings.

It came in 4th out of the 20 choices in Oregon regarding quality and top-ranked with regards to the Oregon value. As a result, the said university offers good quality education in the state at a reasonable price, worth the money.

Students currently studying at the university often speak about the unique opportunities they have had in extracurricular activities and academic prospects. It also makes it a factor for people to decide on moving to Eugene, Oregon, for good.

New Homes for Sale in Eugene, Oregon

Eugene, Oregon is also friendly to people thinking of moving to this area. It is also a wide area; in fact, Eugene, Oregon ZIP code is counted to be nine.

Almost regularly, you can find new homes for sale in Eugene, Oregon. The Nines and Rivendell by Hayden Homes, for example, provides excellent properties to choose from.

The Nines in North East Eugene, Oregon

Located at the East of the Willamette River and the Northern end of the Delta highway, The Nines offers a variety of choices throughout the subdivision. It features multiple builders giving the buyers various looks in terms of architecture and style in the neighborhood.

Based on PureWest real estate services, the market of The Nines Real Estate presently has five listings of residential-type houses where a buyer will have plenty of options to find a home that meets their standard.

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Location-wise, The Nines happens to be in close proximity to almost everything in Eugene. Further, as the subdivision is still open to building more houses, The Nines may become Eugene, Oregon’s largest subdivision a few years from now.

Rivendell by Hayden Homes, Inc. Eugene, Oregon

The neighborhood of Rivendell can be found in the middle of Ryan meadows in the Santa Clara area of North Eugene, Oregon, between Irvington Drive and Irving road. Hayden Homes took over the Rivendell that Jordan Iverson started.

One of the things they brag about Rivendell by Hayden Homes is the onsite model of the house that a buyer can take a look at before sealing the deal. Timelines for the completed homes are also available upon talking to the agents.

Apart from the wide range of home plans, sizes, and options, Rivendell brags about its serene and amiable new home neighborhood in Eugene, Oregon.


Currently flourishing in arts and culture and with a stunning view of nature, Eugene, Oregon, might be the place for you. As the residents happen to keep the city sanitary, clean, and green, Eugene, Oregon, might be considered an environmentalist progressive place.

In addition to the fresh air and reduced daily traffic, Eugene, Oregon, has a lot of opportunities not only for superior higher education but also for career growth and development.

If you are still apprehensive and undecided about moving to Eugene, Oregon, you may want to consider the benefits and good things it offers. With expert local realtors, O’Reilly Property Group can also help you with the information you need. Contact us to get started.