August 9, 2022

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It’s fascinating how our travel photos evoke the magic of our adventures, even after the...

It’s fascinating how our travel photos evoke the magic of our adventures, even after the high of the excursion has already faded.

No wonder some people opt to display their travel photos in their personal space. These photographs serve as their quickest transportation to their previous adventures whenever they need an escape from reality.

If you’ve got some travel snapshots stored in your phone or your boxes and want to display them, this post is for you! Here are five ways to display your travel photos properly and save them, as ABBA would sing, from the funny tricks of time.

1. Select the right picture frame

The first rule of the photo display club: choose the right frame to encase your photo.

As a general rule, anything acid-free is the right material to keep your photos from turning brownish or yellowish over time.

This means avoiding tapes, adhesives, or other office supplies when attaching your photos to a surface.

Your chosen picture frame should also be able to support its weight when mounted on the wall. The hooks on the back of the frame should be strong enough to secure your frame on the wall for a long time.

If you have the budget, get your picture frame glazed with conservation-grade material for extra protection too. The extra layer of glass effectively blocks UV rays that can damage your photos.

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2. Choose the right spot to hang your travel photos

The first place we think of is the living room or the hallway, where many people can appreciate them. However, there are extra precautions to consider before hanging your photos in these areas.

First, is your chosen spot away from direct sunlight? UV rays can damage the emulsions in your photos and cause a metallic effect on them.

Second, is the spot free from insects or rodents? These pests may take interest in your photos when they’re on sight, so make sure your travel snapshots are out of their reach.

Lastly, will you display them on a flat surface? Mounting your travel photos on something bumpy may add more strain to the hooks of your frame.

3. Consider getting a photobook

If you’re thinking of displaying your photos on an album instead, here’s a better idea: photo books.

With these flip-through books, you recreate your travel stories with your chosen photographs while putting your personal touch on them.

Plus, they make gorgeous coffee table books!

Alternatively, you can also opt to turn your photos into a canvas print or wall art. They can only feature one photo per canvas, though, so this is more suitable for featuring your most outstanding travel shots.

4. Display your photos…online!

Not a fan of prints? No problem. Social media is your most convenient option if you prefer to display your photos online.

Instagram is the most popular platform for sharing travel photos. Here, you have the freedom to layout your photos however you like, so your feed looks like a digital photo book.

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That, and you get to meet fellow travelers, too!

Facebook is also a suitable option to display your photos online. It also has more privacy options for your albums, so you can limit your album’s access to your friends and families only if you want.

5. Upload them in a cloud storage

Looking for a convenient way of displaying and sharing your photos online aside from social media? Cloud storage is the key!

If you have a Gmail account, you also have a Google Drive you can use as online storage for your travel photos and videos. Simply create a folder, upload your files there, and share the link with your family and friends.

If you’re a pro photographer looking to display your travel photos online AND earn some income from your shots, you can also share them on stock photo sites like:

  • Shutterstock
  • Dreamstime
  • 123RF

Relive your travel memories anytime

Displaying your travel photos can be tricky and takes plenty of precautions.

But as long as you get the hang of the five tips above, you can rest easy knowing that your travel photos will adorn your home with the special memories of your greatest escapades.

That being said, go forth and take more travel photos to display!