August 12, 2022

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  Home to over 927,720 people, Fort Worth in Texas is among the fastest-growing cities...


Home to over 927,720 people, Fort Worth in Texas is among the fastest-growing cities in the US. Famous for its historic cattle ranches and frontier life, the spectacular region has shown increasing evidence in recent years of progress in all walks of life.

For instance, there has been a tremendous spike in the interest among locals to invest in The Tower Fort Worth, as it is among the fanciest living options in the city. But before diving into the details of what makes this incredible place so unique, you should know there are several other exciting housing options in Fort Worth.

Here’s a list of the best types of Fort Worth homes residents can consider investing in.

Single-family homes

According to 2019 data, Fort Worth clocked in a homeownership rate of over 58%, with the median property value standing at $209,400. This ramp-up in property investment can be because of an 11.8% increase in the median household income in the city. Consequently, more residents can now invest in their dream homes. One such popular style of Fort Worth home is the traditional single-family home.

Costing an average of $245,000, single-family homes in Fort Worth feature three or four bedrooms, at least two baths, and walk-in closets. Since these are traditional, detached homes, they offer more privacy to the owners and a great yard for the kids to play. Some also feature eat-in kitchens, an absolute boon for families with two working partners constantly on the run.


Also called townhouses by the locals, these are adorable albeit modern property pieces to buy. A three-bedroom and two-bathroom Fort Worth townhome can cost almost $350,000 but is well worth the money. It generally comes with fancy windows, spacious bedrooms, a fireplace, and sprawling lawns.

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If you employ a reliable realtor, you can negotiate your way to buying a four-bedroom townhome for the same price. Alternatively, you can buy a traditional home and upgrade it as per your taste. A bonus is that most townhomes are in areas with lots of greenery, ensuring residents have ample fresh air to enjoy.

The Tower

Buying a condo in The Tower is the best option for residents who prefer luxury high-rises. Built during the 1970s, this fantastic and famous property on Throckmorton Street features thirty-five floors housing two hundred and ninety-eight units. A single bed-and-bath tower condo could cost over $295,000, while a two-bed and two-and-a-half-bath condo would generally be priced at around $500,000 or more.

Building amenities at The Tower, Fort Worth, include parking, twenty-four-hour concierge service, fitness center, rooftop pool, spa and hot tub, party area, laundry room, etc. Pet enthusiasts will be glad to know that there is also a dog park on-site where their furry friends can relax or have fun. All these amenities make The Tower one of the poshest Fort Worth areas to live in.

Ranch style homes

Fort Worth derives its famous nickname of Cowtown due to its deep roots in traditional cattle ranching, cowboys, and similar historical things. Besides its invaluable cattle trade and industry, Fort Worth is distinguished as Cowtown by its ranch-style homes.

Typically featuring four bedrooms and two baths, ranch homes in Fort Worth cost somewhere around $300,000. Of course, this cost estimate will be much higher as the houses get fancier. An average ranch-style home comes fully equipped with a spectacular fireplace, massive bedrooms, modern-style baths, sprawling yards, and parking space. These homes are also incredibly pet-friendly, making them apt for families with children and domestic pets.

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Other options

If you do not think any of the above options are interesting or attractive enough, you can also consider Japanese style homes, Tuscan-design houses, French farmhouses, and colonial-style homes in Fort Worth, Texas. Houseboats and lake houses are also great options for adventurous homebuyers.