August 20, 2022

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Have you visited the Vatican? The Vatican is not only the Catholic capital of the...

Have you visited the Vatican? The Vatican is not only the Catholic capital of the world, it is also the smallest country in the world. It could come as a surprise but the fact of the matter is, the Vatican is not a part of Italy. Although the Vatican is located entirely inside the city of Rome, it is a separate country. In all essence, when you are going inside the Vatican from Rome, you are entering a separate country within Europe.

Anyway, facts aside, the Vatican has some of the most artistic and pious buildings in Christianity. Be it the churches, the art galleries, Basilicas, Cathedral or the fountains, everything in the Vatican has a long and illustrious history behind it. Apart from these, it is also the house of the Pope. In fact, the Pope is the head of this tiny country. There are many important places in the city and hence it is recommended that you choose the best Vatican tours to explore the city.

How to Find the Best Vatican Tour Provider

The Vatican for the most part can be covered within a day. Unless and of course, you want to see each brick in the city. Most tourists can finish it within half a day. As it is very close to the main areas of Rome, you might assume that there is no need for a dedicated tour provider for this place. However, the truth is that you could end up not visiting the important places like the Cathedrals and Basilicas.

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Even locals tend to miss the plethora of basilicas in the city. That is why this tiny city is called the Catholic capital of the world. So, always book a Vatican private tour, so that you can explore the places without any disturbance.

Key Features to Look for in the Vatican Tours

Primary One – A Clear Itinerary

A clear itinerary of the places that you will visit in the trip is an important one to decide the tour provider. If you are not able to visit the important attractions of the city, then there is no point in taking the trip at all. So, choose a tour provider who takes you to the important places like Saint Paul within the Walls, St. Mary the major, St. John in Lateran, etc.

These basilicas are not only places of religion and worship. They also host the largest collection of Renaissance period arts and sculptures. In fact, you can find the best sculptures in the Vatican. Not even in the Louvre of Paris.

If your tour provider doesn’t have the option of a Vatican walking tour then you might miss looking at the important places.

Long Years of Experience in the Field

Since tourism is a periodic industry, many new players might come who do not know the ins and outs of the city. Booking with those players never ends in a good way. So, what are you waiting for? Explore the Vatican today.