August 12, 2022

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Because of how widely popular English has become, when it comes to traveling to different...

Because of how widely popular English has become, when it comes to traveling to different countries, improving your English is always a good idea.

Improving your English skills will make your journey much more enjoyable and smoother. In this article, we are going to discuss some English travel terms and Dialogues that will help you on your travels.

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1. The Airport and The Airplane

When you visit the airport or on the airplane, there are some questions and dialogues that will help you with your travels. These are the following Terms and Dialogues:

Where is the check-in counter for American Airlines?

  • It’s in the other terminal right next to British airways.
  • It’s on the right just opposite the food court.

Do you accept payment in Dollars?

  • Yes, but there’s a 10% fee on top of the normal exchange rate.
  • No, sorry about that. But we do accept credit cards.

Where can I find a currency exchange?

  • There’s a booth right next to the back entrance.
  • There’s an ATM on the other side of the food court.
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Am I allowed to leave my seat?

  • Yes, go right ahead.
  • Not during take-off. Please wait until the red light is turned off.

2. Directions

When you are lost or want to know directions, there are some terms and dialogues that you should use:

Excuse me, do you know where The Greenwich Hotel is?

  • Let me just check on my phone.
  • Carry on down this road until you see a small park, then turn onto the street on your left. It is somewhere towards the backside of that road on the right.

Hi there, can you show me on this map where the bus stop is?

  • Do you have a pen? I can circle it down for you.
  • Here it is. Right next to the bank.

Excuse me, can you spare a minute to help me with directions?

  • Yes, where are you trying to go?
  • No, sorry, I’m running late to work.

Excuse me, how can I go to the center from here?

  • You need to take the bus, the bus stop is within walking distance just follow the road to the right.
  • You can walk from here, just follow the signs to the supermarket.

3. Hotels and Lodges

When you need to ask questions about your hotel or the room you are staying just follow the Dialogues:

Do you have any rooms available for today?

  • Certainly, how many nights do you wish to stay with us?
  • No, I’m sorry we’re all booked up.

How much does it cost for one night?

  • $80 per night, $90 per night if you are planning to book more than three nights in a row.
  • $20 for a 6-bed dorm, $15 for a 12-bed.
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Which floor is my room on?

  • The fifth floor. You should take the elevator if you are carrying bags
  • The first floor, right next to the entrance, room number 3.

What time do I need to check out?

  • 10 am. Or you can leave late for a small fee.
  • 12 pm.

4. Food and Restaurants

When it comes to eating food and restaurants you should use these phrases for a smoother experience:

Can I have a table for one, please?

  • Of course, please follow me this way.
  • Sir, do you have a reservation?

What are the specials for today?

  • I’ll bring you the special menu.
  • We have Scallop Sashimi with Meyer Lemon Confit.

What do you recommend?

  • The house special today is the fish soup, we recommend you try it.
  • If you like spicy food. Then we recommend the Szechuan chicken.

Do you know if the meat is halal?

  • Let me check it for you. Which dish was it again?
  • Yes, we only serve halal meat here.

5. Sightseeing

Use these phrases and dialogues when you are asking about sightseeing:

Am I in the right place for the exhibition?

  • Which exhibition are you looking for? Have you checked?
  • Yes, please wait over there by the entrance.

Do I need to book a ticket online for this?

  • No, you can buy them right here.
  • Yes, visitors are only allowed to enter with online tickets.

Do you have any free maps of the city that I can have?

  • No, but maybe I can help you, where are you planning to go?
  • Sure, you can take this one.

What is there for tourists to do in this city?

  • There’s a famous park that you should check out and a huge shopping center right next to it.
  • We have some leaflets behind the front desk. You can see them for details.
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6. Shopping

When you are out shopping use these terms and phrases for an easier experience:

How much is this?

  • Those cost $3.50 each or $10 for three of them.
  • It is $20.

What time does the store close?

  • We close at 8 pm every day.

Can I pay by card?

  • No, I’m afraid we only take cash. But there’s an ATM outside the store.

Are you open tomorrow?

  • No, we are closed on Sunday and Friday
  • Yes, from 10 am until 9 pm.

7. Talking and Making New Friends

Making new friends and talking is a big part of traveling. Use the following Terms and Dialogues for a smoother experience:

How long have you lived in this city?

  • All my life. I was born here.
  • Only about a year. Before that, I lived in a different city.

What do you think of the food here?

  • I like it, it’s quite different from what I normally eat.
  • The corn is huge here.

Can I borrow your phone charger?

  • · Sure! Go right ahead.
  • · I’m using it right now but you can borrow it later.

Can you take a picture of me?

  • · No, sorry, I’m in a hurry right now.
  • · Sure! Pass your phone to me.


English is the most widely used language all around the world, so when it comes to traveling, learning English phrases and dialogue is really important. In this article, we have discussed some English travel terms and dialogues that will make your trip smoother, enjoyable, and safer.