August 16, 2022

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Man has always been fond of visiting areas where nature has bestowed its blessings. Tourism...

Man has always been fond of visiting areas where nature has bestowed its blessings. Tourism creates memories that last forever. Moreover, there are some places in the world that really fascinate the eye of a man, and ALULA Valley is one of these places in the entire world. This captivating place is located in north-western Saudi Arabia. This place has always been the focus of people. 

There are many areas of this valley into which it has been split. However, some of these areas are very famous, like Jabal Ikmah, one of the most famous and eye-catching areas where you find the best of this valley. You could just use the cheapest and best flight with the most advanced system from Flydubai and come to ALULA Valley to quench your thirst of visiting this place.

More About this Valley

Alula valley comes on the list of the oldest cities in the world, and this is known to be the “World’s Masterpiece” because of the history that it holds within its partitions. This place is the best to enjoy your vacation, and be adventurous on this journey. The place holds a very strong history with the oldest museum. 

When you go to Alula valley, there is Jabal Ikmah, which is the best place here, and this place has an undiscovered and unexplored legacy of 200,000 years. This shows how old this place is, and there has been no exploration of this place since these years. 

In this museum, there are tombs, engravings, monuments, sand dunes, big rocks, and much more that still need to be explored to show the man-made wonders in the history of Saudi Arabia. Not only that, but you will find the best and oldest civilization over there. 

About Jabal Ikmah

In this historical Alula valley, the Jabal Ikmah, a mountain, is 5 kilometers north of Alula Valley, and its history comes from the Palaeolithic Era. Besides, there is much history and settlement of the Roman Empire and Islam that you can find over there.

There are many inscriptions written over there in different languages, such as Nabataean, Minac, Thamudic, Aramaic and Dadanitic, and these inscriptions are still unknown as no one has recognized them. However, these inscriptions show the past of this place and other matters. Anyhow, these inscriptions mostly tell about their culture, rituals, and almost everything that ever had been there.

Some Top Sights in Jabal Ikmah that You Must See


It is a rock which is known as Elephant Rock. This rock is counted in the list of the most geographical marvels of Alula Valley that have been created by natural force. It is a large, pink monolithic stone that is famous because of its dignity. It was formed after the erosion of tens of millions of years. The glory of this stone captivates the visitors.


Jabal Ikmah

It is the most fascinating rock formation found in Alula Valley. This place is thought to be the point where Nabataean people used to gather to celebrate their culture and rituals and had other celebrations. Not only that, the inscriptions show that this place also had been used for political decision-making. In reality, it is an opening between the rocks, and it seems to be split in half.


When you visit Jabal Ikmah, Hegra, you will happen to be at this fascinating place. This place is also known as “Lonely Castle”, and this construction is a tomb with a great history that is unmatched. It represents Nabataean cultures and traditions.


Jabal Ikmah

This place demonstrates the cultures, traditions, and living styles along with their homes. The buildings in this town were made from mud bricks and unique stones. There were about 900 homes that were made in accordance with the designs and architecture of that time. Not only that, this place still has the crafts of that time and different outlets.

Entire Tour to Alula Valley

There are countless excursions that will take you around the Alula valley, and mostly, it takes about three days to complete the tour of the whole Alula valley. This will not take much time, and you will be able to enjoy the beauty of this place and know about the culture and traditions of this place.

Where to Eat – at Jabal Ikmah

This place is rich with delicious and traditional edible things that you will really love. If you want to have complete Arabic traditional food, then you must visit Suhail Old Town, a place teeming with Arabian Peninsula Spices. You could also have Italian meals in the fascinating settings of Alula. There are many cafés like Alnakheel Café, Tama at Habitas Eco Resort, and many more on the go. 

Batata Harra Fries, Coconut Eton, Truffle Pasta, Tiramisu, thinly fried Eggplant Chips, Chicken Musakhan Rolls, Grilled Halloumi Salad, Strawberry, and many more dishes that you will find to experience at this place. In short, this place is full of foods of every kind and every tradition that you can experience over here.

More Things that You Will Experience Here

You can attend the annual pageant over here. Moreover, you will be able to enjoy the evening meal, music, art festival, Alula’s Wellness and Skies Festivals, and theatre, historical background and musical evenings must be attended. The place is full of everything that you will require to make your tour memorable and the best.


We have discussed Alula Valley in a detailed way and found it the best vacation point for all tourism lovers. Indeed, this place is a gift for those who want to explore the ancient history, culture, and traditions. This also lets you know about the living style of people at that time, and the inscriptions tell you everything that happened at that time. 

The art of this place is very beautiful, and the food is so delicious that it comes in many varieties. So, this place is highly recommended to visit using Flydubai airline that flies from Al Maktoum International Airport. This airline is the best and cheapest with the most advanced system and gives you great ease. You would love this journey.

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