August 20, 2022

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  Toronto is regarded as the essence of Canada and is without a doubt one...


Toronto is regarded as the essence of Canada and is without a doubt one of the greatest cities in the world with numerous offerings. Toronto is also an insanely multi cultural city in our world with more than 50% of its resident known to have been born outside of Canada or have migrated to the City due to its popular attractions may it be just lifestyle or its commercial appeal since it is also the globe’s innovation hub. It hosts nearly 28 million tourists annually which itself speaks about its ability to attract people all around the world. Just as so this happens Toronto consists of more than seven thousand restaurants with different cuisines and an unbelievable amount of variety so let us discover the best places you can have food in Toronto.

Alo Restaurant :

We have already talked as to how Toronto is so unique because of it consisting different cultures and people. Also Restaurant somewhat follows the same theme because on entering you will feel as if you’re in London. Alo provides remarkable variety and is regarded by many as the best place for a romantic date or on for a special occasion such as if you want to propose to your soul mate then you will not find a better environment or a more fancy spot. Alo Restaurant is separated into two different arenas with one being the dining room and the other being the bar club. It is best to first reserve your seats to avoid mishaps.

Black Camel:

If you are a sandwich person then Black Camel is most definitely a must for you. It is one of most popular Sandwich restaurants in Toronto and has been producing some of the most delicious food for over a decade. They also offer genuine variety but a few favourites are the slow-roasted beef brisket sandwich, the pulled BBQ pork shoulder sandwich and lastly the Camel Club.

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The Drake hotel restaurant:

The Drake hotel is one of the most majestic places in to dine-in at Toronto, land marked with art and culture. It has gone through several expansions and renovations in the past few years. Some of the features of the Drake hotel restaurant are extremely expensive seeing that now you can stay overnight, consists of more than 30 additional guest rooms and has a gleaming attractive main lobby. It sets a lovely environment with live music. A few items you can try are the Pumpkin ravioli, The Sous-vide lamb rack, The Departed (a tribute to actors such as Jack Nicholson and Mat Damon) and lastly do not forget to sip some cocktails made by the very bartenders at the Drake restaurant.

The Grand Electric:

Just as the name suggests, the grand electric is surely, offers a grand electric environment and happens to be a fine place to dine in if you love some tacos do not mind a few drinks. When you enter the Grand Electric your attention will be caught by a ram’s head stuck to a wall with red eyes, giving it a possessed demonic look. It is an exceptional place to perhaps hang out with the lads and slam some tequila on Saturday nights.

Emma’s Country Kitchen:

We all have those mornings where we wake up tired, cursing our morning alarms with our mind and body not ready to start another tiring day of work? Don’t worry because it all normal. In these situations its best if you set yourself up in a good mood, start your day fresh and visit Emma’s country kitchen to have some delicious breakfast. The restaurant has some history attached to it with secret recipes being passed down from generation to generation which is why it is so popular among people, serving the best classic eggs, oatmeal cake, bacon and buttermilk biscuits. Once you pay a visit, do not dare to not try the morning fried donuts!

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Market 707:

Market 707 is one of the most well known spots in Toronto not only because of its retail market and the fantastic food street but also because it is an amazing location to live which is why you might find a lot of Toronto Real Estate agencies near Dundas. Market 707 not only hosts the residents nearby but overall happens to be arguably the best food street in city because not only you can shop at the retail market but the food variety is second to none, which is why it is usually crowded. From Afghan food to cleaning services, all is available here.