August 19, 2022

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What is a 491 Visa? Australian 491 Visa Victoria is a provisional visa (Temporary type)...

What is a 491 Visa?

Australian 491 Visa Victoria is a provisional visa (Temporary type) that may lead to the Permanent Residency upon fulfilling specific requirements. It is for skilled workers and professionals who want to live and work in regional Australia. Grant of Subclass 491 skilled regional visa is for five (5) years, during which the Subclass 491 visa holder can live, work and study in a designated regional area of Australia.

What are the designated 491 Visa regional areas of Australia?

The Australian government wants to boost economic activities in Australia’s smaller regions, towns, and cities. For the same reason, the Department of Home Affairs has prepared a list of regional areas that fall under the designated regional areas. Additional points and the comparatively easy pathway is offered to the new immigrants and International graduates to get their visa approved under the Subclass 491 stream.

There are many Visa Subclasses under the Australian Immigration system, like 189, 190, 187, and 407. However, these visas require the applicants to achieve a high score on the Points test table to get an invitation to apply. Compared to the other visas, this “491 visa Victoria” provides an easy pathway to Australian immigration. Applicants who would choose the Visa 491 pathway for Australian migration would get 15 extra points on the Points test system.

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491 Visa requirements and who can apply?

New rules for 491 Visa Victoria require the applicant to meet various 491 visa requirements to be eligible to apply for this visa.

Before we dive deep into the 491 Visa requirements or 491 Visa conditions, we need to understand that the first step is to fulfil the Department of home affairs visa requirements or conditions.

The Department of home affairs is the Australian federal government department responsible for looking after the immigration process for the whole of Australia. Therefore, all applicants need to fulfil the federal government’s (Department of home affairs) requirements at the first stage.

Because this visa 491 is for the designated regional areas, and the regional areas are under the state and territory governments. So, we need to look into the 491 Visa requirements of each state and territory for which we need to apply. So, it would be the second stage of understanding the Visa requirements for the 491 Visa.

The Skilled Work Regional subclass 491 Victoria visa

The Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) (subclass 491) visa allows Points-tested skilled workers and their families to live, study and work in Victoria regional areas for 5 years. The subclass 491 visa Victoria is a provisional Points-tested visa to assist regional Australia in accessing the people and skills it needs to grow and thrive.

This visa is for people who wish to settle in regional Australia and have skills in high demand in Australia’s labour market.

How to Get a 491 Visa Conveniently?

PSM Global is one of the most reputable Visa Agents Melbourne; their professional team prides themselves on the convenient procedure for getting a 491 visa in Victoria. The reasons why you can go for PSM Global for any visa-related query are:

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  • Flexible monthly payment options to pay tuition fees.
  • When you combine the savings from continuous services such as Skill Assessment, TR, and EOI, you may save money.
  • Discounts on the Student Visa Application process when you enrol.
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The 491 visa is a great opportunity for skilled workers to live, study and work in regional areas of Victoria. The visa allows applicants to receive 15 extra points on the Points test system, making it easier to be invited to apply for the visa. PSM Global is a reputable visa agent Melbourne that can help with the paperwork and application process for the visa. They also offer flexible monthly payment options and discounts for students who enrol in their services.