August 19, 2022

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Celebrities and the Love of Crusing

Houston is a popping city these days with everyone moving there for the cheap housing...

Celebrities Who Live In Houston

Houston is a popping city these days with everyone moving there for the cheap housing and opportunities. Keep reading to find out the celebrities from Houston!

Celebrities From Houston:

Travis Scott

Travis Scott is a rapper and musician and producer that is from Houston. Also, he is 30 years old. He was signed with Epic Records back in 2012 and has came a long way since. A fun fact about Travis Scott is that his legal name is actually Jacques Berman Webster II.

Beyonce Knowles

Beyonce is from Houston! The famous singer, songwriter and actress was born and raised in the great city of Houston. Furthermore, she competed in many singing and dancing competitions as a young girl. She was also part of the 1990s girl group called Destiny’s Child.

Hilary Duff

If you watched Disney Channel back in the day then you definitely remember watching Lizzy McGuire. Hilary Duff is famous for acting and singing for Disney Channel. She was in fact born and raised in Houston as well.

Riff Raff

Houston seems to be home for not only country starts but rapper as well! The famous and very creative rapper Riff Raff is no doubt from Houston as well!

Michael Strahan

Michael Strahan is a former NFL player for the New York Giants. Nowadays he is most known for his appearance on TV. At 50 years old, this Houston native is a proud Texan.

Machine Gun Kelly

MGK is yet another rapper from Houston. He is known for his unique musical abilities.

Whether they are actors, directors or musicians you now know some of the celebrities that currently live in Houston. Finally, if you enjoyed reading about celebrities that live in Houston then check out other articles on our site. Lastly, check out our Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook accounts and leave your thoughts and comments there too. What city or state do you want us to post on next? Please let us know.

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