August 12, 2022

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Pexels The travel industry is growing rapidly and is one of the largest and most...


The travel industry is growing rapidly and is one of the largest and most competitive in the world.

As Instagram is exploding as the most popular image-sharing platform, many travel accounts are looking to create a brand that will make it possible for them to travel for a living. However, getting a loyal following and sponsorship money requires more than just sharing stellar photos and captivating videos on this network.

If you’re one of many active travel bloggers on this popular social media platform, then you can use your account to build a brand, become an influencer, and make earnings online.

There are ways to form a strong network that can get you a huge number of followers and a stable income. Below, we share our top tips for travel bloggers on Instagram that want to achieve success.

Interact With Other Users

If you want to be a successful travel blogger, make it your priority to engage and interact with people you follow or people that follow you. This will help you grow your brand on Instagram because they can easily view your content on their feed as you interact which, in turn, enables growth.

This includes commenting on posts of other bloggers, users, or ordinary followers. Try to leave comments that make sense and address the topic of the actual post.

Have a Distinctive Aesthetic


A good travel blogger must be creative and have an Instagram layout and aesthetic that reflect their brand which will help them gain more attention and become recognizable. To make your travel account more creative and make sure that your content stands out, you should try and use custom Instagram fonts. You can use some unique ones in your bio and captions to put emphasis on certain words or highlight important details.

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Font generators are one of the simplest ways to add custom fonts. You are only required to insert your text, pick a font, copy the converted text and paste it into your Instagram bio, caption, Stories, or post description.

In addition, when looking to attract your audience’s genuine attention, be mindful of the choice of colors, theme, and mood.

Post More of What Works

Check out which of your photos and videos work best and why is that the case. What do the posts that have many likes and comments have in common in terms of content and composition? Sometimes you should analyze the feed of others as well.

Sometimes it’s what you are fond of that works perfectly and other times it’s different. Customize your content to what your followers want to see the most. In other words, post more of the things that work and less of the things that don’t. But always make sure to stay authentic to what you’re all about.

The Good Old Hashtag

Don’t forget our old friend the hashtag. They are an excellent way to get your content discovered and gain a solid follower base, especially if you’re savvy about the kind of hashtags you use. When you’re traveling, try to include multiple hashtags in three categories: general travel-related hashtags, regional hashtags, and hashtags that can get you featured on other accounts.

To be more organized, you can save your favorite ones in your notes on your phone and add them as the first comment on your post. Remember that adding more than 30 hashtags will prevent your comment from being posted so try to keep it at around 11 which will help you receive the right level of engagement.

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Follow and Tag Places, Influencers, and Businesses


Just like using hashtags help you get noticed, tagging other accounts on your beautiful photos can earn you a repost from that same user. If you ate a delicious meal at a local restaurant or stayed in a neat Airbnb, tag these places in your photos. You can also tag influencers with whom you have things in common. This will help your content show up when people look at photos of that account and eventually you might connect with someone who can help you get to the next level.

Before visiting a new location, research local accounts and try to align your content with the types of things that local writers or popular local businesses like to share.

Final Words

Building a great portfolio on Instagram as a travel blogger isn’t hard but it takes some effort. You should have an idea of what you’re doing, invest enough time and implement the above tips that will help you amass more followers and grow your account.