August 20, 2022

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Why do Fishing Charters in Dubai entice so many individuals?

Dubai and its list of plenty of attractions will keep you coming back for more....

Dubai and its list of plenty of attractions will keep you coming back for more. Thrillohpillia has listed out the must visit attractions in Dubai that will blow every travel freak’s mind. Here’s why Dubai is one of the best locations for all honeymooners. With its amazing number of offbeat yet pristine locations like Bur Dubai, Al Nassma, Villa beach and more, Dubai promises a serene and charming quality time with your beloved partner.

Burj Khalifa houses a number of tempting and graceful restaurants that render an experience of floating above the clouds and is a top-notch way to impress your loved ones as well. Don’t forget to surprise your partner on the humongous giant wheel of Global Village and confess your love as you swing on alarming yet exciting heights.

Tourists can easily look for Global Village Dubai tickets on their official website and enjoy discounts during offseason visits.

5 things not to miss in your Honeymoon in Dubai

If you are craving for some meaningful evenings to soak up in the tranquillity of Dubai city then head over to kite beach and take a relaxing walk along the shore with the fresh marine air hitting your face.

Surprise your partner in Global Village Dubai

The immensely popular Global village Dubai is considered a revolutionary landmark and houses plenty of miniature replicas of world’s most important structures and buildings.

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Apart from this, tourists can find a colourful and bright celebration walk taking you through the amazing landmarks and rendering picturesque locations as well. Your Global Village Dubai tickets come inclusive with fun carnival rides. Ride the carousel or capture an amazing view of the Dubai skyline from the Ferris wheel.

Go shopping at Dubai Mall

The extremely charming and stunning interiors of Dubai Mall, with its plenty of luxurious and opulent boutiques, high-end brands, a hustling food court and arcade zone is sure to keep you and your loved ones busy for a long time.

Upon entrance you will find an enchanting waterfall and also an access to the world’s largest underground aquarium which is a surreal attraction about the mall. From Bloomingdales and Gucci to Nike and Armani, Dubai mall is a haven for all spendthrifts.

Dubai Mall houses Kidzania which is a power packed edutainment unit with lots of small tasks to keep their hands and mind busy while you enjoy your shopping venture.

Click pictures at Dubai Frame

Dubai Frame is one of the tallest structures around the world and it’s quite famous in the Dubai City. Standing in the middle of the city’s foreground, this frame has an epic height of 150 metres.

Try getting funky with your poses and click some fascinating pictures with the banking structure in the background. Inside the Dubai Frame, tourists will observe glass floored walkways looking down upon the roads with tiny cars from a bird’s eye view. If you are on time, then you may get to enjoy the heavenly sunset with its orange hue adorning the sky.

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Go on a hot air balloon ride

Pack your cameras and get ready to capture the never-ending horizon of long stretches of sand of Dubai desert conservation centre. Right beside the Dubai city, this dessert will fill your vision with the enchanting surrounding around us.

The hot air balloon ride is a fun way to observe the desert while soaring up high. At pocket friendly prices, tourists can book for a serene hot air balloon ride which usually begins at 8.30 in the morning.

If you are lucky, you might spot camels from up above and have a fantastic time as well.

Lake ride at Dubai Fountain

Dubai fountain is a glamorous attraction which renders a serene fountain choreography shooting up 10,000 gallons of water into splendid water expressions with the LED lights blending the rainbow colours and putting on a heavenly show for all the viewers.

The newest addition to this fountain is the peaceful lake ride which lets you enjoy the fountain show from the vicinity. Have fun as you get splashed by sprinkles of water and capture this awe-inspiring view forever in your hearts.