August 16, 2022

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10 Causes Dhow Cruise Dubai is Sweeter than Christmas Morning

Are you searching for your next family holiday destination in Spain? Look no more, we...

Are you searching for your next family holiday destination in Spain? Look no more, we suggest Mallorca, one of the Balearic islands and the biggest. The island has a lot to offer not only to the adults but also to the kids. And, if you don’t take our word for it, read on and know some of the reasons why your kids will love Mallorca to be their next holiday destination .

Beautiful Beaches and Caves

Mallorca island is known to have some of the most beautiful beaches and caves for the tourists. With clear water and white sand, kids will definitely enjoy making sand castles and playing with water on shallow children-friendly beaches, as their parents enjoy cold drinks in the surrounding restaurants. Es Trenc is one of the beaches that you can visit with kids.

Tasty Cuisines

Mallorca has several classic restaurants that offer different cuisines. Tourists can be served with tapas (food in small portions) to try a new menu. Therefore, even the most picky kid will not lack anything to enjoy. Most eateries also have English food and kids’ favorites such as fries and pizzas. To top it up, there are several joints where your young ones will get to enjoy their favorite ice-cream too.

Water parks

Watersport is fun for everyone! And more so for kids. Mallorca has the most favorable weather, especially from May all the way to October, for kids to enjoy swimming and all water games. The island also features several water parks where the whole family including the young ones can have lots of fun splashing water to each other.

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Child-friendly Accommodations

What would make your kids happier than having a home away from home during their holiday? This small Mediterranean island has a lot of different accommodations for the tourists to enjoy their stay. You can opt to stay in a Mallorca villa with your family; a number of them are offered on self catered services where you can even be able to prepare meals for your family. Some rentals also include kids activities and a playground to make both you and your loved ones enjoy maximumly.

Hiking, Cycling and Rock Climbing

These activities will most likely entertain older kids and teens. The island has several hiking trails, and cycling paths where kids can have fun and challenge each other. It can be more enjoyable when parents agree to take the challenge too and plan to award the winners.

Less Hours Airline

Last but not least, your kids will love a holiday in Mallorca since the destination is not far from the UK. No one wants to be in the airline for more hours, much less the kids. The Mallorca holiday is ideal, as it will only take a two and half hour flight from the UK, great for kids as they won’t get bored, rather they’ll enjoy the trip.

There you have it. The reasons why your kids will love to head to Mallorca for a holiday! Make sure you involve the bigger ones as you go ahead and search for the best accommodation, and location where you are going to settle within the island.


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