August 16, 2022

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  Traveling to Singapore is fun, and you’re bound to explore the country’s wonders. But...


Traveling to Singapore is fun, and you’re bound to explore the country’s wonders. But while everything may seem savory for your senses, your communication with your loved ones back at home or tour companies in the country should go on uninterrupted. That’s why it’s vital that you have a tourist sim car when traveling into the country. It offers numerous benefits that perhaps, your home country’s networks would find burdening. Here are the viable reasons for having a tourist SIM in Singapore.

1. Affordable International Call Minutes

A few minutes of talking to your people back at home are sufficient, and most of Singapore’s mobile networks offer that. It allows you to reconnect with your family despite the long-distance, learn how they’re doing, and share the fun. Using your home country’s local network for calls while in Singapore costs a lot in cash. However, replacing that with a tourist SIM gives at least a few minutes of calling at standard rates, which won’t weigh your pockets down.

2. Saving Big On Data

Regardless of where you are, access to the internet is pretty basic, and there are no compromises. Connecting to the internet helps you catch up with what’s happening worldwide and communicate with friends and work. A few proficient mobile network companies offer data perks, and you can get a sneak peek of some of the best plans by visiting Remember, one-time payment can offer all bonuses in a bundle considerably cheaper than using your local SIM for roaming.

3. It’s Only Temporary

Most tourist SIMs last a few weeks to just a month or so since they’re only temporary. They are a substitute for your local SIM, which is often daunting to use to communicate locally and internationally. Since they’re only provisional, you only renew them once the validity period lapses, giving you much-needed freedom and convenience for your stay. It comes in handy when you don’t intend to stay in the country over a long period.

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4. It’s Hassle-Free and Straightforward to Register

Getting a tourist SIM won’t take much of your time and effort since Singapore’s mobile networks term them as provisional. That’s quite the opposite when looking for a SIM as if you were the country’s citizen since it can be incredibly demanding and hectic. You need the complete document set for the latter to get liable for applying for standard SIM. Besides, it’ll cost you much time and money for a SIM you’ll only use for a short while during your stay in the country.

5. Reasonable SMS Bundles

Like getting usable data and call-minute packs, SMS bundles are also an added perk from tourist SIMs. They offer an alternative for communication within Singapore and come in handy when your data and minutes wear off. Besides, they usually are sufficient to allow you to extend your communications within the country. The best is that they come as a bundle with the rest of the offers, so you have no chance of spending too much.


Tourist SIMs come in handy for travelers to Singapore. It enables them to communicate locally and internationally as they reconnect with friends and relatives back home. Instead of signing up for a standard SIM, tourist SIMs are a perfect match if you only stay in the country temporarily.