August 20, 2022

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When reading about different cities around the world, it’s not uncommon to read about those...

When reading about different cities around the world, it’s not uncommon to read about those considered great to live in versus others that are avoided, like the plague. There are different indicators used for this, and the attractiveness is in reference to how good a city is to live, work, raise a family in, and so on.

For decision-makers involved in city planning, creating an attractive city is always the end goal. This is often easier said than done, however. Here, read about four services you can bring to your city to improve its overall attractiveness.

Reliable Transportation

People need to move around from home to school, work, entertainment sports, gyms, and so on virtually every day. If the transport infrastructure is inadequate or cumbersome, getting from point A to point B becomes unnecessarily difficult. This makes a city less attractive.

One of the things you can do is to build reliable transportation. This should be a network of different modes of transport, from trains to buses to a biking system. A public bike company is a must-have for large cities today. The main reason for this is that cycling brings a lot more convenience and flexibility than the more traditional modes of transport.

Entertainment and Recreation

Big cities all around the world are quickly starting to look the same. Concrete everywhere, and tall buildings with more concrete. Some services city dwellers are craving more and more are entertainment and recreation spots, more so green spaces. Think expansive parks with lots of trees, flowers, greenery, maybe even a pond or other water features. For families with little ones, this is an extremely attractive feature.

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Proper Sanitation Services

As cities grow in population size, their water and sanitation services become very strained. Still, these services are the center of everyday city living, and their neglect can be disastrous.

One of the main things to think about during city planning is how these services will be put in place sustainably. Over time, the population might outgrow the planned services, in which case constant thought needs to be put into ensuring the sanitation services and the city grow simultaneously.

Some of the main themes to think about are financing, participatory planning, the role of technology, and water conservation and reuse.

Garbage Collection

Every city, despite its stature, needs sound garbage collection services. These need to be timely and run like clockwork. Anything short of this, and you will have a filthy, disease-prone city that no one will want to live in.

To execute this, think about efficient collection services themselves, as well as appropriate disposal. Nowadays, a good garbage collection service also factors in the environment in terms of recycling.