August 12, 2022

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Austin is the hottest of hot spots. It seems like people from San Francisco to...

Austin is the hottest of hot spots. It seems like people from San Francisco to New York are all heading out of their famed cities to trade it in for some cowboy boots and brisket in the heart of Texas.

But lately, the hot spots of hot spot – Los Angeles – has been losing people to Austin too. So what famous people are uprooting their bougie LA mansions for the ranch life?

The answers might surprise you and may make you want to be making the move yourself.

Joe Rogan

After signing his Spotify deal, Rogan famously left LA for Austin. Soon after, he also sold his fitness company – Unit.

These days, beyond posting up at his house in Lake Austin and recording his podcast – you can probably find Joe at a gym in Austin, or experimenting with an experimental supplement like Turkesterone to build even more muscles.

Whatever you find him doing – you’re likely to hear the trademarked “woah, that’s crazy” or “Jamie bring that up” in the wild.

Just be cautious of the legions of Rogan acolytes that have followed him there. You’re likely to experience some of the worst and best comedy in the country now that open mic comics of all ways of life have followed the bat signal to the capital of Texas.

Elon Musk

The richest man in the world (and soon to be owner of Twitter?) famously left California after a california politician publicly said “fck Elon Musk”

While we can’t agree that’s a good recruitment strategy – Elon didn’t seem to appreciate it.

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Soon afterwards, he left for Texas (and although he technically resides in Brownsville by SpaceX), his day to day he keeps busy around town. His new gigafactory out by the airport is an incredible build – both in size and objective.

Word on the street is that Elon & Joe actually hang out from time to time so you might be able to catch them at a local comedy show or getting brisket at Terry Black’s while Joe goes on another carnivore diet rant.

We gotta say – it’s quite a weird pairing, but it wouldn’t be Austin much if it wasn’t weird. “Keep Austin weird” is a the unofficial motto after all.

Sandra Bullock

Okay, this might not count – Sandra has been an OG Austin native for a while now. Maybe even pre-dating the famous “all right, all right, all right” from Matthew Mcconaghey.

Her low key attitude and down to earth-ness have made her a Hollywood favorite and a solid representative of the city of Austin.

She’s been such a staple that she actually has a place downtown, owns two restaurants. Heck, if you find a local rooftop bar, you may even end up bumping into her.

That’s not the only three celebrities that have moved to Austin in the last year. Like most popular things – Hollywood can’t get enough once they realize it’s popular – so brace yourself Austin – the rest of LA is coming.